Amazon not concerned about EU 's new Cloud

EU claims it’s cloud will keep customer data out of US and China due to privacy concerns. Amazon dismisses EU cloud as ambitious, but will soon fail to keep up with market innovation.

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Yeah, no thanks. I don’t need more govt with carte blanche access to and control of all my private info.


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I dont think more competitors is a bad thing, but I feel ultimately people will be forced to use an inferior cloud solution. How else would a “national” cloud work?

I know Azure provides ability to have things stored only outside of the US.

I ran into an issue not so long ago where Azure provided data storage outside of the U.S., but you could only choose the U.S. for metadata storage. However, they are in process of adding ability to be 100% outside of the U.S.

So I do know this “government” cloud won’t be the only option.

I guess people dont trust US or Chinese companies right now to properly handle data.