FYI - Wasabi - US West DC Issues Ongoing

Shows issues have been going on for well over a week now. I am still unable to upload my Veeam backups to my bucket in US West. I think I am going to have to start a delta upload to my nearly-abandoned AWS S3 bucket to get the backups offsite. I am still unsure if I will continue to use Wasabi after this.

Wasabi is such a good alternative to S3. It’s a shame to see them have issues for this long.

I haven’t used wasabi, but do they offer mirroring between their regions to prevent something like this?

I’ll have to check into that. I don’t remember seeing anything, but I also wasn’t looking, TBH.

I scoured their site and don’t see any mention of replication, mirroring, copying etc. They use reliability and durability to define their SLA. AWS uses availability and durability. Found that interesting.

At least we’re getting some info as to what is going on and not just “Oh, there’s a problem, we’ll let you know when it’s fixed.”

Except, currently, the status was last updated on 9-30-19.


No news is good news? They did say they expected to run that way for a week.

Except that it hasn’t been working at all for me. So, it doesn’t matter how they are running it if it doesn’t work lol

Sadly, you have a point. It might be worth banging the drum near their support guys and find out why you are still broken.

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Any better this week?

I looked over the weekend at the status. The US west was showing green and the US east was now showing amber. I’ll have to see what the availability is when I get to the office.

Damn sounds like for critical workloads it’s best to use S3 storage

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Looks like my app that maps a drive to the wasabi bucket is still having issues. I am going to see if it is related to this system or Wasabi. The app is connecting to an AWS S3 bucket without issue.

Wasabi is also having the same issue on another system with that app.
Could just be the app having an issue with their api, but it worked for several months until they started having issues about 2 weeks ago.

My US East coast instance is working great :wink:. Just need to be on the right coast I guess.


According to their status page, they have been having issues in the East DC since last Friday.

This ^

I guess I should have check before I responded…

I’m still connect via the FUSE connector on my *nix box.