How are you managing CentOS updates?

Are you using something similar to unattended-upgrades or dnf-automatic to manage your updates on CentOS?

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I currently am doing them manually (CentOS 7). I looked into doing something like dnf-automatic, which is something I do for all my Fedora servers, but I didn’t get it going. I subscribe to an email list that CentOS publishes when updates/upgrades are released. After that, I run a yum update.

For CentOS 7 servers I generally use yumcron but for CentOS 8 and Fedora I use dnf-automatic.


Good to know that you can use dnf-automatic for CentOS 8.

Yeah. CentOS 8 has moved away from yum and onto dnf.

My only problem with dnf-automatic is the config file seems to get overwritten if dnf-automatic, itself, is updated. This blows out my settings for only applying updates at 1 AM and reverts to the default of a day or so after the last reboot.


If you’re having issues with dnf-automatic try out auter.

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Thanks, I will check it out.

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Yup, these are the big ones.