How do I make Sense of a Random Linux Application Server

  • There is a process pulling e-mail from rackspace

  • E-mail configured in an in-house application.

  • The client on our portal orders information through the portal and the portal is sending the e-mail with a specific format to this rackspace e-mail.

  • The process retrieves email and processesing each email, parsing and uploading it into the database.

As an added bonus they created service account e-mails that are contained within rackspace and are being moved over to O365. The domain is changing from to I need to find where these e-mail addresses are referenced in order to change the address.

Then when I find all of this I need to migrate it to a new host.


You can use Grep to see if the email address is in any file.

grep -r "" /opt/directory

You can then use sed to do a find and replace.

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To search broad areas you can

grep -rnw '/usr/' -e '' >> /tmp/mysearch.txt

grep -rnw '/var/' -e '' >> /tmp/mysearch.txt

grep -rnw '/opt/' -e '' >> /tmp/mysearch.txt

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I always like to write results to file if I can :slight_smile:

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the beauty of this is fetchmail shoots the cpu up to 99% every minute or so

Doesn’t seem to be contained within these directories. Searching /root

I just used this today to find a log file :slight_smile: