Hugo website setup help

I tried setting up Hugo in an Ubuntu environment, but couldn’t get it to work. Perhaps I’m over complicating it or something. Does anyone have a working guide from a fresh Ubuntu install?

I don’t have a guide, but you must be over complicating it as you said. I’ve set it up on Windows and I believe Debian. What’s failing?

I think the problem was that I wasn’t building it from a template. That way appears to be super simple.

Ill go through it again later.

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This ended up being an issue with an old version , @Obsolesce ?

Yes, after building it from the template first, the issue I was having that was preventing it from succesfully running was that the Linux distro repos all supply an outdated version, which throws lots of errors and gave me the answer in there.

The solution was to install Hugo via Snap, which is built in to Ubuntu. Snap supplies the current versions of software, thankfully.

Cool, glad you got it working!