Is Digital Ocean the next AWS?

Digital Ocean keeps adding more services to try to mirror AWS and Azure. Do you think it will get there?

Yes, I do. I think they serve the hobbyist and small business market much better then AWS. It’s easier to use, but don’t have all the advanced features AWS does, but small businesses and hobbyists don’t need such advanced features. Clearly Amazon realized this as well, that’s why Amazon Lightsail exists.

I think digital ocean is really cool for people that aren’t super technical or that just have a small workload. I personally use AWS for work and personal computing, and it’s super convenient once everything is defined as code (terraform).

I know @Martin_Roberts likes to use Digital ocean, and maybe one day they will gain market share on AWS.

How do you afford AWS Personal? I have about a dozen VM’s and I don’t think I could afford AWS.

I use as small instances as possible. Use educational credits and turn off instances when I’m not using them. My problem is more how to use up credits than anything

If using terraform you only need a vm up for a few minutes to know if your testing worked

I am running production workloads so I need 24/7

Right but you can terraform them in an aws lab for virtually nothing is what he is saying. You can also use terraform with KVM and other providers

Yeah I see needing them up 24/7, then I’d check something like Lightsail out