Is it possible to copy a Paid AWS Market place AMI using Packer?

I want to copy the CIS hardened CentOS AMI with some software packages, updates, etc. I am having an issue when trying to copy the AMI. This is a paid AMI and I am perfectly fine paying for each image that uses the copy.

Is it possible to do so, and will Amazon be able to bill you if you copy the AMI? Waiting for the vendor to update this AMI is not desirable.

Just curious, why not just make your own CIS hardened?

We are under a time constraint to do so at the moment, but the intention is to do it ourselves when we can.

Long story short we had to migrate from Ubuntu to CentOS last minute

Ah ok. I haven’t used it for a while, but I’m sure it’s fairly up to date. The OpenStack Ansible hardening role is pretty good. Should get you at least pretty close: