Linux Input only has a single Developer

This is something really important. The majority of all Linux Inputs devices and drivers have been added by just a single developer.

While this is a huge accomplishment for that developer, this has some serious negative implications to the state of Linux now… it also makes you wonder how many other areas are facing the same vulnerability.


It seems like many companies are starting to invest more in linux infrastructure as of late (including Microsoft). I think we will continue to see innovation and honestly more dependence on linux not less.

Microsoft has been really pushing SQL on Linux, I have received emails from them not only talking about it, but making points of why you should do it to save money. It seems counter intuitive at first, but Microsoft makes more money on hosting and licensing. OS support is costly for them.

As for as inputs specifically that is interesting, but tbh I think others would help pick up the slack if something were to happen.

One would hope.

I don’t think Microsoft’s priorities are going to be to imitate their Desktops though. VMs and Clouds don’t deal with a lot of input devices so this purely a desktop issue.

It almost seems MS doesn’t want to be in OS business anymore