Looking for a Workstation Backup Solution

  • Should backup to cloud storage
  • Must have pre-internet encryption
  • Should be affordable (doesn’t have to be free)
  • Will be used on around 50 laptops


We use Druva for around 50 users.

Why aren’t you using some sort of cloud storage for laptop users? Seems weird to backup remote laptops.

One option I am looking at is Arq Cloud Backup.


$59.99/year for unlimited computers and 1 TB storage, $5.99/month per extra TB (save 16%)

Unfortunately our parent company won’t allow it

But you can have a backup of that same data to the cloud? Lmao

What!? But you can backup to the cloud? That makes no sense

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Great minds ^^^

Remember that the data will be encrypted before leaving the computer, so not even the provider has access. Most cloud storage options allow the provider/hackers to have access.


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Also, You can control your keys with Amazon