Udemy has great training, but an unfair and unpredictable pricing model

Anybody that uses Udemy realizes they have a very volatile pricing strategy. They seem to have prices that fluctuate between $10 and $20 due to many variables.

I am unable to purchase is a course for $12. Whenever I try to purchase the course it raises the price to $20. I have not bought any courses since July, so I should be elgible for coupon code. @mroberts is able to get it for $11.39

Has anyone figured out their weird pricing model and any rhyme or reason behind it?

I have had this same problem, no idea why…

I agree that their pricing is wack. Maybe he can gift it to you.

Which course?

I wonder if you can give them to yourself if you sign up with another email?
I’ve noticed this vile pricing scheme too. Existing members are always paying more.

I ended up paying $20 :disappointed_relieved:

They knew you would.