ZeroTier on a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter

I’ve heard that certain models of the EdgeRouter line don’t do well on v2 firmware. I haven’t upgraded mine yet, for that very reason.

I also have heard this, however my works just fine for some reason…

Is zero tier still free for 10 devices?

@aaronstuder @dafyre

Connect up to 100 devices to unlimited networks.

Wow didn’t it used to be 10?

I don’t remember… I’ve been using it a long time… I’m grandfathered in on the $4/month plan, lol.

Use to be unlimited, then when to 100 devices.

I think I should upgrade my ER-X. I don’t trust going to version 2.x on it. There are quite a few reports of significant issues running 2.x on it. I do use ZT on client devices, so I would definitely like to run it directly on the router.

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Same, I’m going to look at picking up an ER-4 soon.

How many hosts do you get on a $4 plan? LOL

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I get the unlimited plan. Its $29 a month now.

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My guess is your way under the 100 device limit anyways?

Yeah. Its $4 a month, and Ibwantes to support them, sonwhy not? I can write it off as a business expense.

That’s still not terrible

For what you can do with it, and how creative you can get, no, it’s not. Even with a /24 subnet like I’m using for a couple of things, you could do a set up with up to 254 sites. If you build something with Vyatta or OPNSense, you could use RIP or BGP or some of the other automated routing stuff and get really creative.